Congratulations!  You have decided to either purchase a home or maybe buying a piece of land and have a new home built....or maybe you are buying a cottage, a piece of Recreational land or even your long time dream of a Farm! You'll be joining the ranks of hundreds of families who realize that property ownership offers a number of benefits including building equity, saving for the future, and, when buying a home, creating an environment for your family.  When you own your own property, your hard-earned dollars contribute to your mortgage. The equity you earn is yours.  Over time, your home will increase in value.

Helene knows that Buying can be a stressful time...especially in the foreseeable future for the Ottawa & area Real Estate market with prices ever spiraling upwards, low inventory and the ongoing effects of Covid added to the mix......but Helene is here to help you navigate these times, prepare you for the Buying process with all it's trials and tribulations.... and help you with the emotions that go along with all of these things.

One of the MOST important thing you HAVE to do as a Buyer is get your FINANCING in order! Speak to your Bank/Mortage agent TODAY....Helene can provide several excellent Bank/Mortgage Agent names.

Please contact Helene if you have any questions about buying Real Estate in the Ottawa area...or elsewhere in Ontario. It is Helene's job to help make the buying and selling processes rewarding and trouble free. Quality service includes providing quality information that can benefit you in your next move and there are several good dropdown pages under the Buying page for you to look through.

If you know anyone who is wanting to buying Real Estate, please pass on Helene's contact information-your referrals are always appreciated.

Your Realty Dreams
Can Become a Reality.

When you're on a real estate journey, you need a real estate guide that can't be beat–and that's Helene Hutchings.

Helene Hutchings,
Real Estate Agent

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